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Herbert Eugene Hicks, LL.B.

Madisonville, Tennessee

Glee Club; Band; Democratic Club; Henry Clay Literary Society; Mandolin and Guitar Club; Senior Football.

H.E., like his brother, is one of the fellows. A good scout beyond question; he was never known to tell a prof that he didn't know. Among Judge's good lawyers, H.E. is one of the best. Then he can sing. He is past master of the ditty "That's where my money goes." He puts so much pathos in it when he sings that we often wonder ourselves just what becomes of it.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Herbert Eugene Hicks (February 6, 1893 - April 27, 1946) was born in Madisonville, Tennessee to Charles Wesley Hicks and Susan Coltharp. His brother, Sue Kerr Hicks, also graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1920. The Hicks brothers practiced law in the firm of Hicks & Hicks in Dayton, Tennessee. The two would serve as members of the prosecution during Dayton's famous Scopes evolution trial in 1925. Herbert Hicks served terms as Rhea County attorney and Dayton city recorder. He also served as an assistant attorney general for the state of Tennessee. Hicks' legal career was cut short in 1930 when he suffered a stroke. He then focused his attention on ornithological pursuits. Hicks married Alyne Gertrude List in 1926. The couple divorced prior to 1940.