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Sue Kerr Hicks, LL.B.

Madisonville, Tennessee

Glee Club, Patterson Literary Society; Henry Clay Society; Senior Football and Basketball Teams.

Don't tell us that you have never heard of the Hicks Brothers. No, they do not make cough drops like our friends, the Smith Brothers; they concoct note-books for Judge Lafferty, and have been knocking the profs cold with them for four years. S.K. is the senior of the firm, and he has a "Sweet Cookie" back home. We expect a future for him when he already has it.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Sue Kerr Hicks (December 12, 1895 - June 17, 1980) was born in Madisonville, Tennessee to Charles Wesley Hicks and Susan Coltharp. His brother, Herbert Eugene Hicks, also graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1920. The Hicks brothers practiced law in the firm of Hicks & Hicks in Dayton, Tennessee. The two would serve as members of the prosecution during Dayton's famous Scopes evolution trial in 1925. Sue Kerr Hicks served as a criminal court judge in Dayton for over 20 years. He married Reba Sue Bradley in 1939. Hicks' professional papers and correspondence are held at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville Special Collections Library.