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George W. Hogan, LL.B.

St. Helens, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society.

Yes, he is Irish, and can laugh at a joke even if he is the subject of mirth. Then he sometimes wears a green necktie; and swears that he is not afraid of snakes, nor of profs of any description. Hogan is a good student and will undoubtedly rise in his chosen profession.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

George W. Hogan (March 22, 1898 - October 2, 1965) was born in Lee County, Kentucky to Harrison Hogan and Rhoda France. Hogan lost part of his right leg in a hunting accident in 1910. He first attended Valparaiso University before receiving his LL.B. at the University of Kentucky. Hogan practiced law in Beattyville after graduating. He served as the Lee County attorney for several terms during his legal career. Hogan married twice--his wives were Elizabeth Stamper (m. 1932, divorced prior to 1940) and Elvena Stamper Kidd (m. after 1950).