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John Woodford Howard, LL.B.

White Oak, Kentucky

Keys; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mystic Thirteen; Phi Alpha Delta; Freshman and Senior Football.

Jack wanted to be a moonshiner, but his father thought otherwise, and sent him down to us for better or for worse. The way he has migrated into the art of education—you'd be surprised. A man among men and a lion with the ladies. To know Jack is to like him, while to have been his Buddy during the world war was an esteemed privilege. He is a splendid athlete, a courageous soldier; he is all-wool-yard-wide-A-No.-1 man.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

John Woodford Howard (December 18, 1895 - July 18, 1974) was born in White Oak, Kentucky to Harrison Howard and Celia Lacy. Howard first practiced law in connection with E. C. O'Rear, a Frankfort attorney and judge. He was elected to the House of Representatives in the Kentucky General Assembly in 1923 as the representative for Morgan County. He was then elected to the Kentucky Senate in 1925 as the senator for the 34th district. He was re-elected to a second Senate term in 1927. Howard began practicing law in Floyd County after the end of his second Senate term. He was appointed to the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees in 1949. Howard formed a law partnership with future Kentucky governor Bert T. Combs (UK Law '37) in 1946. He married Florence Stephens in 1928. The couple had two sons who both pursued careers that focused on the law. J. Woodford Howard, Jr. was a renowned scholar and professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University. Harris Stephens Howard (UK Law '54) was a judge in Floyd County and served on the Kentucky Court of Appeals.