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Charles Alvin Lisanby, LL.B.

Princeton, Kentucky

Alpha Sigma Phi; Union Literary Society; Henry Clay; Glee Club.

"Lizzy" is another human of the song-bird variety; he can also wear nose glasses with the grace of an English peer. His one serious fault is that he is more than fond of the ladies—he loves them. Spare moments he devotes to Judge's curriculum. C.A.'s only knock on the law college is that it must be reached by climbing three flights of stairs.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Charles Alvin Lisanby, Sr. (August 4, 1899 - December 21, 1977) was born in Princeton, Kentucky to Rufus Walker Lisanby and Hattie White. Lisanby practiced law in Princeton after graduation. He served terms as the Princeton city attorney and Caldwell County attorney. He later served as the Commonwealth attorney for 4th Judicial District for over 20 years. Lisanby retired for law practice in 1959 and transitioned to farming. He married Rebecca Hollingsworth in 1923.