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Benjamin Harrison Scott, LL.B.

Louisville, Kentucky

Varsity Baseball, '11, '12, '16, '17, Henry Clay Law Society President (4), Lawyers' Bible Class President (4), Law Debating- Team, Business Manager 1918 "Kentuckian," Tau Kappa Alpha, Instructor in Law

Almost since "a time when the memory of man runneth not to the contrary," as his old friend Bill Blackstone would say, "Scotty" has been a familiar figure in U.K. life. He holds the record of five years on the Varsity baseball team and is now its coach. An honor graduate, with love for the blind goddess, pugnacious, industrious, master of details and all-round good scout, he is one of our best men. "Scotty" is devoted to the Old Guard, likes machine politics, and generally rides the machine. This little giant is a good lawyer and should rise to the top in his profession.

-The Kentuckian, 1918

Benjamin Harrison Scott (June 9, 1889 - August 11, 1978) was born in Pendleton County, Kentucky to George W. Scott and Sarah A. Reagan. Harrison first practiced law in Louisville. In 1920, he moved to Irvine, Kentucky and practiced law with Virgil Chapman (UK Law '18) and Clarence Miller. He served three terms as the Estill County Attorney. Scott married Mamie West in 1922.