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Morgan Marion Atchison, LL.B. '18, LL.M. '20

Owingsville, KY

Henry Clay Law Society

"Atch" is a sturdy, quiet, industrious youth, never seeking the limelight but contented to do his duty as he sees it. When at home he raises "long green," and no man in the Law College ever loved better to chew it. My, but it's strong! "Atch" can always stop studying long enough to tell a joke or listen to one. With a fondness for politics and a devotion to his party, we suspect his ambition is to be county judge and then represent the Ninth District at Washington. We are not advised whether or not he will run on his "war record."

-The Kentuckian, 1918

Morgan Marion Atchison (May 29, 1896 - December 16, 1988) was born in Bath County, Kentucky to Jefferson Lee Atchison and Ida Lee Bell. Atchison practiced law with Judge E. C. O'Rear in Frankfort after receiving his LL.B. and LL.M. degrees. Atchison began working as an agent with the United States Internal Revenue Service in 1923. He served as an agent in 17 different states before settling in Montana. Atchison was awarded an honorary doctorate of law degree from the University of Kentucky in 1970. He married Velta M. Minnick in 1927.