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George Clifton Bradley, LL.B.

Lexington, KY

Henry Clay Law Society, Law Debating Team

George is our Mexican War "veteran." He fought tarantulas, centipedes and snakes galore—everything except greasers, ate chille concocted of sand and horse meat, made goo-goo eyes at Senoritas (across the Rio Grande), and then returned to "the good Judge" to delve again into the lore whose "seat is the bosom of God." His love of fun is second only to his love for hard work. But we were forgetting all of the dainty dames, and the one in particular. It is whispered that he may remain next year and strive for a master's degree. After that he will probably practice at Richmond.

-The Kentuckian, 1918

George Clifton Bradley (September 15, 1896 - March 7, 1933) was born in Garrard County, Kentucky to Giles F. Bradley and Susan Shifflet. Bradley worked for the Lyon Day Motor Company after graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Bradley worked as an auto mechanic during World War I. He moved to Indiana after the war and continued working as a mechanic until his death in 1933. Bradley married Martha Jane Grofford in 1920.