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Everett Smith Penick, LL.B.

Elkton, Kentucky

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma; Class Football 2; Glee Club; Pennyroyal Club.

"Judge's" mellow voice has brought joy to the heart of many a fair maid during his term here. It seems now that it has done even more for him. Here's wishing him marital bliss.

-The Kentuckian, 1916

Everett Smith Penick, Sr. (December 6, 1893 - September 21, 1939) was born in Todd County, Kentucky to Joseph Caldwell Penick and Emma Lyon Smith. Penick received an A.B. degree from McLean College in 1913. Penick practiced law in Elkton after graduation. He served terms as Todd County Master Commissioner, Todd County attorney, and Elkton city attorney. Penick married Mary Jane McAfee in 1920.