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William Perry Drake, LL.B.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society.

"Ye bards may sing of tassled corn And prate of rock and rill--But I,"

"Duck" is one of those sort of fellows who never keep you guessing, you can always tell just what sort of an answer to expect to any question put to him. His favorite in the faculty, he says, is Judge Chalkley, because he and the Judge get on so well together. "Duck" has already passed the bar examination and is ready for anything, including another examination in Constitutional Law.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

William Perry Drake (July 11, 1892 - June 13, 1970) was born in Drakesboro, Kentucky to John Rice Drake and Honora Carr. Drake first practiced law in Bowling Green, Kentucky after graduating from the University of Kentucky. In the 1920s, Drake moved to Newport, Kentucky. He worked as a tax attorney for the Internal Revenue Service based in nearby Cincinnati, Ohio. He worked in this role for over 30 years before retiring. Drake married Elizabeth Smalley.