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Benjamin Louis Nisbet, LL.B.

Madisonville, Kentucky

Manager Kentucky Law Journal (4); Democratic Club; Managers' Club; Henry Clay Law Society.

"If Success requires Beauty--then--Good night, But if it's ingenuity--I'm--In right." When "Jack" first entered into the Shrine of Black-stone, he came in with a countenance beaming like a burning village, but after worshipping (?) for two full years and one summer session, the aforesaid beaming countenance has been transformed, until now he just looks like any other ordinary judge. "Jack" has not starred anywhere except in all his classes, however.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

Benjamin Louis Nisbet (August 23, 1892 - September 15, 1958) was born in Madisonville, Kentucky to John Crittenden Nisbet and Sallie E. Wheatley. Nisbet practiced law in Madisonville after receiving his LL.B.. He served, at times, as the Madisonville city attorney and the Hopkins County attorney. In 1918, Nisbet married Helen Ward Lafferty, daughter of the University of Kentucky College of Law's first dean William Thornton Lafferty.