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Jesse Bell Nichols, LL.B.

Paducah, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society.

"May it please Your Honor." "J.B." is an oldtimer at the University. Altho he has been out of school for some years, while he wrote the doings of the agricultural populace around Paducah, for various newspapers, he came back with the undergraduate spirit. He knows all branches of Law, but "lible" cases are his specialty.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

Jesse Bell Nichols (October 5, 1888 - November 8, 1927) was born in Paducah, Kentucky to Wesley Presley Nichols and Anna Isabel Bell. Nichols worked in Paducah as a reporter for the Evening Sun newspaper before attending the University of Kentucky. Nichols would receive his LL.B. in 1915 and began post-graduate work in law at the university after. Nichols served in World War I and then returned to Paducah to practice law after the war. In addition to his law practice, Nichols would also continue working in the newspaper industry for several years as a reporter for The News-Democrat.