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George Addison Chrisman, LL.B.

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Vice-President Henry Clay Law Society.

"He had the astuteness of Choate and the learning of Bacon combined." "Cris" was the best little man in the entire Law class. He would sometimes play with his adversary as a cat frolics with a kitten. He looked upon Blackstone as the greatest legal exponent of all ages. We never knew a man who was better met or more highly regarded by his fellows. And as he was always standing for the noblest standards in school, there is no reason to believe that he will swerve the least from the straight way in life or deviate the least from "Canons of Ethics" laid down by Kentucky Bar. The world needs more lawyers like him. We are glad that we have known him and we hasten the day when we can vote him into the Governorship of our Commonwealth.

-The Kentuckian, 1914

George Addison Chrisman (July 3, 1892 - June 9, 1978) was born in Nicholasville, Kentucky to George Lyle Chrisman and Lizzie Scott Graves. After graduating from the College of Law, Chrisman moved to Florida where he operated a citrus farm. Chrisman moved to Lynchburg, Virginia some time before 1930. In Virginia, Chrisman worked as the head of an electric smelting manufacturing company office. In 1951, Chrisman retired and moved to Winter Park, Florida. Chrisman married Hester McDonald in 1916.