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William Marion Magruder, LL.B.

Lexington, Kentucky

Charter Member of Henry Clay Law Society Society '11; Democratic Club. Vice-President Henry Clay Law

"'Tis never too late to seek wisdom." Mac spent his early manhood in the University of Experience. Since experience is the greatest educator, he soon was lifted to that plane where he could see that the path to success could easier be journeyed by learned men. Consequently he entered the Law College in search of wisdom and found it. His home is in Lexington, Ky., where he is happily engaged in a prosperous business.

-The Kentuckian, 1914

William Marion Magruder (January 26, 1881 - March 26, 1970) was born in Daviess County, Kentucky to David Anderville Magruder and Mary Catherine Yeiser. After receiving his LL.B., Magruder worked as an insurance agent with various insurance companies in Lexington. Magruder married Augusta Jane Tong in 1906.