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William Alpha Hubbard -- "Senator"

Hubbard, Kentucky

Bachelor of Arts; Major English; S. U. A. A.; President Patterson Literary Society; Class Orator, '08-'09; Class Representative Debating Team, '09-'10; Class Foot Ball Team, '06-'07-'08; Winner of Crum Medal '08. The "Senator" first appeared as an unsophisticated normalite and since his arrival has been the biggest trouble starter here. He is always to be seen in class meetings. Imagines he has a will of his own--(?). A good orator but some one has told him so.

"A Big Bunch of Noise"

-The Kentuckian, 1910

William Alpha Hubbard (February 12, 1885 - October 16, 1970) was born in Metcalfe County, Kentucky to William Henry Hubbard and Louise Catherine Harris. Hubbard practiced law in Lexington and Louisville before moving to Texas in the 1940s. He worked in advertising with the Thomas D. Murphy Co. in Lubbock, Texas before retiring to Forth Worth, Texas in 1954. Hubbard was married three times--his spouses were Anna Mae Roberts (m. 1910), Pearl Lamon (m. 1916), and Eulalia Gertrude Reaney (m. 1928).