College of Law Class of 1910




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William George Clugston -- "Clug"

Lexington, KY

LL. B., Managing Editor Idea Secretary Union Literary Society,1908-09 Member Henry Clay Law Society, First Lieutenant Co. E. 1908-09, Member S.U.A.A.

A particular friend of "She" Pat, J. Morton Davis and Zemmy.

"Tis sad when you think of his wasted life, for - - ."

-The Kentuckian, 1910


William George Clugston (September 19, 1889 - June 1966) was the son of John Edward Clugston and Hanna Monaghan. Clugston served as a reporter for the Lexington Herald while attending the University of Kentucky. Clugston worked as a newspaper correspondent for the United Press and Kansas City Post. He was the author of Rascals in Democracy (1940) which examined political corruption in Kansas. Clugston married Bessie M. Thompson in 1913.