College of Law Class of 1910




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Clement Francis Kelly -- "Clemmy"

Pittsburgh, PA

LL. B., S.U.A.A., Henry Clay Law Society.

Very impressionable but his cases never last long, for he believes in loving them all and letting none escape yet deep down in his heart he loves but one. Honors a girl by letting her wear his frat pin until another puts in a bid for it.

"A deep thinker and savvy, but loath to apply himself."

-The Kentuckian, 1910


Clement Francis Kelly, Sr. (February 18, 1889 - August 14, 1963) was born in Pennsylvania to James Joseph Kelly and Elizabeth Thompson. Kelly practiced law in Lexington and Louisville after graduation. He married Flora Nofsinger in 1917. The couple is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Lexington.