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The maps included in this publication were made using stratigraphic data collected by us from almost 8,000 wells as part of a regional stratigraphic study of the Mississippian Slade Formation in eastern Kentucky. The data extend from the Mississippian outcrop belt along the northwestern edge of the map area to the state borders on the northeast. The southeastern border of the map area is marked by the Pine Mountain Fault.

Formation tops data for these wells were collected from geophysical (electric) logs and drillers' logs, and are available in electronic format from the Kentucky Geological Survey (Harris and Sparks, 1997). In the subsurface this stratigraphic interval is commonly referred to as the "Big Lime" by drillers. Because this term is widely used in the oil and gas industry, it will be used in this publication.

Regional geologic cross sections for the mapped area by Harris and Sparks (2000) were previously published. These structural and stratigraphic cross sections were constructed from geophysical well logs and provide additional data (lithology, porosity) for the Big Lime.

These structure and isopach maps illustrate the structural configuration and thickness, respectively, of the Mississippian Slade Formation (Newman Limestone or Big Lime). Data points used to make the maps are shown. The maps include both color shading and labeled contours. The structure map is contoured with a 50-ft interval, and the isopach with a 15-ft interval.

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