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The production of minerals and fuels in Kentucky is a multibillion dollar industry. Historically, coal, oil, natural gas, limestone, sand and gravel, clay, fluorite, barite, lead, iron, phosphate, zinc, and brines have been produced in the state. These resources have greatly influenced the development of Kentucky by providing raw materials for the early settlers who settled the state and for current industrial and economic development. Electrical power for homes, businesses, and factories; materials for constructing houses, buildings, automobiles, and roads; and products we consume in everyday life come from the earth's mineral and fuel resources.

The ability to locate and efficiently use raw materials is important in virtually all economic activity in the state. The purpose of this 1:1,000,000-scale map is to show the general locations of the principal mineral and fuel resources in Kentucky.

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Series XII

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Map and Chart 26

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© 2001 by Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky

With contributions by Richard A. Smath, Bart Davidson, Brandon C. Nuttall, Gerald A. Weisenfluh, Terry Hounshell, William M. Andrews Jr., and John K. Hiett

Cartography by Terry Hounshell

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The "Geologic Map of Kentucky" (Noger, 1988) has additional geologic information about these resources. For detailed information about geology and mineral resources, consult the 7.5-minute geologic quadrangle maps for Kentucky.

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