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The Salt River Basin and adjacent Ohio River drainages include over 4,150 square miles in all or parts of 19 counties. The basin contains more than 9,600 miles of streams.

Over 660 miles of streams assessed in the basin by the Kentucky Division of Water do not support designated uses for warm-water aquatic habitat, fish consumption, or primary contact recreation (swimming). Not all streams have been assessed. The percentage of assessed streams not supporting uses was: warm-water aquatic habitat (38 percent); fish consumption (36 percent); primary contact recreation (86 percent). Over 100 miles of streams have been declared special use waters: either exceptional waters or reference reach waters. For more infomtation on the assessment process and stream ratings, go to

There are five remediation priority watersheds, including over 600 square miles: primary impacts are pathogens, nutrients, low dissolved oxygen, siltation, and habitat alteration caused by industrial and municipal wastewater discharges, urban runoff, agriculture, habitat modification, and failed septic systems.

There are six man-made lakes in the basin, ranging in size from the 50 acre McNeely Lake to Taylorsville Lake, which provides nearly 3,000 acres for recreation. There are nearly 60,000 acres of wetlands in the basin.

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