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One of the most unusual highway cuts in all of Kentucky is located approximately 395 ft (120 m) south of the high bridge that crosses Lawrence Creek on U.S. Highway 62/68, near Maysville, Mason County (see Figs. 1-2). The Carter coordinate location of the outcrop is 400 FSL x 900 FEL, 24-AA-69, which corresponds to 38°40'3" N latitude, 83°48'10" W longitude. The roadcut is approximately 1,315 ft (400 m) long, and rises in benches to a height of almost 110 ft (33 m). About 30 to 36 ft (9 to 11 m) of the Grant Lake Limestone is exposed at the top of the cut, accounting for about one-third of the total thickness of that formation. Below this, 108 ft (33 m) of the Fairview Formation is exposed, almost its full thickness. A low-angle overthrust fault is revealed in limestones and shales of Late Ordovician age (Fig. 3A-B). Many interesting small-scale deformational structures, a small cave passage, and other karst and solution features are associated with this thrust fault. Two key questions are, "How is this fault related to other, larger scale structural features in the area" and "When did the faulting occur?"

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