Kentucky Geological Survey Information Circular


These data have been collected by the Kentucky Geological Survey as part of an ongoing project, and this report is subject to updating and revision as additional data become available. Where information is not available for a certain category, the entry is left blank.

Data are listed in order by county and field name. Producing formations generally are listed in approximate stratigraphic sequence from youngest to oldest. The date shown is the year of completion of the discovery well in the field. The Carter coordinate location pertains only to the discovery well of the field and in some cases may be outside the listed county; other wells in the field may lie outside the given Carter coordinates.

Kentucky is divided into four regions (Fig. 1) as defined by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Meyer, 1968). Tables 1, 2, and 3 show producing zones for each of the three regions in Kentucky that produce oil and gas. No production has been recorded for the Mississippi Embayment region in the far western part of the State. Oil production was rumored in McCracken County, but this was never substantiated.

For additional information about this listing, contact Brandon Nuttall at the Kentucky Geological Survey.

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