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Chemical and petrographic data are presented for 42 samples of coal collected in the Princess District, eastern Kentucky. These data include sample-site locations, sampling conditions, stratigraphic position, megascopic description of the coal, air-drying loss, proximate and ultimate analyses, Btu content, forms of sulfur, initial deformation temperature, softening temperature, fluid temperature, free-swelling index, concentration of major, minor, and trace inorganic elements, and petrographic analyses.

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Series XI

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Information Circular 18

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The field work, classification, and major- and minoroxide and trace-element analyses were supported through grants from the USGS (U.S. Deportment of Interior, 14-08-0001-G 602 and 14-08-0001-A 0077). Funding for petrographic analyses was provided by the Kentucky Energy Cabinet.

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