Cryogenic machining is considered as the most sustainable alternative to conventional flood-cooled, near-dry and dry machining approaches in machining processes. This paper presents the application of a sustainability evaluation methodology for manufacturing processes, focusing on cryogenic machining processes. The methodology used here involves a metrics-based Process Sustainability Index (ProcSI) evaluation. To address the proper process conditions for cryogenic machining, different machining parameters, namely the cutting speed and the coolant flow rate, are used in the experiments as the controllable variables. The ProcSI assessment helps to decide on the best cutting conditions from the sustainable manufacturing viewpoint. During the evaluation procedure, the process behavior under different process conditions is considered and discussed in the analysis to understand the process mechanism and its controllability for achieving improved sustainability.

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Published in Procedia CIRP, v. 29, p. 520-525. This article was originally a part of the 22nd CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering.

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