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Master of Arts (MA)

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Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Tracy Campbell


This paper documents the comprehensive process of designing and executing a video oral history project through a case study of The Living History Oral History Project which is accessioned to the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History. Discussions of each phase of the project from concept, design, field work, archiving, and interpretation demonstrates how expanding technology increases the narrative opportunities presented by oral history research. The added feature of digital video technology creates visuality, which is an expansion on Alessandro Portelli’s concepts of orality and history telling. Since discoverability and accessibility is a traditional problem in using oral history recordings as research materials, the case study includes discussion of the accessioning process, including indexing using the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer or OHMS. The paper also proposes a format for scholarly citation style to be used with OHMS indexing, based on the Chicago Style Manual. The paper concludes that the combined narrative elements of orality and visuality which rely on recording of sensations, goes beyond memory as the substance of oral history and taps into shared experience as the basis of memory.

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