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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Hispanic Studies

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Dr. Susan Carvalho


This research work explores the construction of the masculinity of the rebellious gaucho in several literary works written by authors from the River Plate, and how it serves as a vehicle for the transmission of ideas –often of political content– of their creators. The basic concept underlying this study is that some writers of works set in the rural world show a serious social commitment, and often combine their literary activity with politics. For this reason, they choose as a key figure in their writings a gaucho who rebels against authority and, emphasizing in him the traits traditionally considered as more masculine, they build a character who tries to impose his own ideas and values. Despite being a transgressive character, defined by having an insubordinate and subversive masculinity, this gaucho has the approval of a good part of the rural society in which he is inserted, which makes him more attractive to readers of the work.

The content of this study is divided into three main sections, in each of which I analyze two representative works of a human type characteristic of the River Plate, and whose masculinity manifests itself with its own nuances. Thus, dwelling on the use of the vocabulary and literary techniques that the writer uses, I try to draw conclusions about the authentic intentions that move him when creating his character.

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Dissertation Enhancement Award, University of Kentucky, 2017

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