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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Bruce Walcott


The ANGEL project (Aerial Network Guided Electronic Lookout) takes a systems engineering approach to the design, development, testing and implementation of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle. Many current research endeavors into the field of quadrotors for use as unmanned vehicles do not utilize the broad systems approach to design and implementation. These other projects use pre-fabricated quadrotor platforms and a series of external sensors in a mock environment that is unfeasible for real world use. The ANGEL system was designed specifically for use in a combat theater where robustness and ease of control are paramount. A complete simulation model of the ANGEL system dynamics was developed and used to tune a custom controller in MATLAB and Simulink®. This controller was then implemented in hardware and paired with the necessary subsystems to complete the ANGEL platform. Preliminary tests show successful operation of the craft, although more development is required before it is deployed in field. A custom high-level controller for the craft was written with the intention that troops should be able to send commands to the platform without having a dedicated pilot. A second craft that exhibits detachable limbs for greatly enhanced transportation efficiency is also in development.