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Master of Science (MS)

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Nutrition and Food Science

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Dr. Sandra Bastin


Malnutrition is a significant issue affecting the health of many adults over the age of 65. Screening for malnutrition in this population can help identify those in need of a complete nutritional assessment. Many screening tools have been developed to aid healthcare team members in identifying those at risk for malnutrition. A population of dietitians with a focus in older adult nutrition was surveyed to determine dietitians’ perceptions and use of screening tools for the older adult. The results of the study showed many dietitians did not use validated screening tools at their place of work and were not confident in their knowledge regarding the topic. Despite dietitians’ having the expertise in nutrition, other interdisciplinary team members are performing the screening in many settings in the United States and some dietitians’ feel this is an obstacle in identifying older adults at risk.