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Dr. William A. Thomas


Transverse zones cross strike of thrust-belt structures as large-scale alignments of cross-strike structures. The Transylvania fault zone is a set of discontinuous right-lateral transverse faults striking at about 270º across Appalachian thrust-belt structures along 40º N latitude in Pennsylvania. Near Everett, Pennsylvania, the Breezewood fault terminates with the Ashcom thrust fault. The Everett Gap fault terminates westward with the Hartley thrust fault. Farther west, the Bedford fault extends westward to terminate against the Wills Mountain thrust fault. The rocks, deformed during the Alleghanian orogeny, are semi-independently deformed on opposite sides of the transverse fault, indicating fault movement during folding and thrusting.

Palinspastic restorations of cross sections on either side of the fault zone are used to compare transverse fault displacement. The difference in shortening corresponds to the amount of displacement on either side of the transverse fault. The palinspastic restoration indicates a difference in the amount of shortening that will balance farther to the west in the Appalachian Plateau province.

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