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Master of Science (MS)

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Hospitality and Dietetic Administration

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Dr. Hazel Forsythe


Literature shows that nutritional deficiency and feeding behaviors in neurodevelopmentally disabled children is secondary to an underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract. Fifty (50) parents with children with autism responded to a Nutritional Perception Assessment that they believe their children are at adequate nutritional status. They reported confidence in their nutritional knowledge, yet admitted to concern about the nutritional status of their children. The survey revealed that parents are not seeing a registered dietitian for their nutritional advice, leading to the question of soundness in nutritional information received. A marginal correlation was found between belief in adequate nutritional status of children and the use of credible sources for nutritional information, p=0.0429. Data from twenty-five 24-hour recalls was entered into the MyPyramid Food Tracker to determine nutritional status, which was compared to Daily Recommended Intakes (DRIs), showing adequate nutrient consumption.

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Nutrition Commons