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Master of Science (MS)

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Hospitality and Dietetic Administration

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Dr. Lisa Gaetke


Purpose: To compare selected food /nutrient consumption between families that educate their children at home with those that educate their children in the public school system.

Methods: The study sample included 112 children aged 7-11 years in Fayette Co Kentucky. The children were divided into groups according type of education. There were 65 home-schooled children and 47 children who attend public school. Subjects recorded their dietary intake for one week. The data were analyzed using Nutrition Data Software for Research (2006). Comparisons were made for the intake of selected nutrients using two tailed independent sample t-tests.

Results: The public school students had a lower intake of Total Energy (calories, P=0.01), Total Fat (P= 0.02), Total Carbohydrate (P= 0.04), Total Protein (P= 0.004) and Total Dietary Fiber (P= 0.02) and selenium (P= 0.000) than did their home-schooled counterparts.

Conclusion: Interpretation of the statistical analysis indicates that differences for consumption exist between the groups. The results of this study indicate that the public school children consumed less fat, protein, carbohydrates and sucrose than did their home school cohort.