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Plant and Soil Science

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Robert L. Geneve


Softwood cuttings of Euonymus alatus and the cultivar Rudy Haag, a nearly seedless cultivar, were taken in Kentucky on two cutting dates. E. alatus Rudy Haag cuttings taken in mid-May, untreated or treated with 1000 - 3000 ppm IBA, produced many roots on a high percentage of cuttings. Post-rooting shoot growth was reduced for the species with cuttings taken in June. Rudy Haag produced new growth on cuttings taken in May with no IBA treatment. Transplanting resulted in a decrease in new growth. Liner plants of E. alatus Compactus and Rudy Haag were planted into 1 and 3 gallon containers of two different types, conventional black plastic and root training. A second experiment exposed plants to two levels of supplemental fertilizer in addition to slow release. A subsample was sprayed with Fascination (BA + GA4+7) at 1500 ppm in late July. No difference was seen in above-ground growth due to container type or supplemental fertilizer. A change in root morphology is seen with root trainers. Three gallon containers produced a larger plant than one gallon containers. Rudy Haag sprayed with Fascination were greater in size and branch number than those not sprayed.