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Mechanical Engineering

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Raymond P. LeBeau

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Numerous advancements made in the field of computational sciences have made CFD a viable solution to the modern day fluid dynamics problems. Progress in computer performance allows us to solve a complex flow field in practical CPU time. Commodity clusters are also gaining popularity as computational research platform for various CFD communities. This research focuses on evaluating and enhancing the performance of an in-house, unstructured, 3D CFD code on modern commodity clusters. The fundamental idea is to tune the codes to optimize the cache behavior of the node on commodity clusters to achieve enhanced code performance. Accordingly, this work presents discussion of various available techniques for data access optimization and detailed description of those which yielded improved code performance. These techniques were tested on various steady, unsteady, laminar, and turbulent test cases and the results are presented. The critical hardware parameters which influenced the code performance were identified. A detailed study investigating the effect of these parameters on the code performance was conducted and the results are presented. The successful single node improvements were also efficiently tested on parallel platform. The modified version of the code was also ported to different hardware architectures with successful results. Loop blocking is established as a predictor of code performance.