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Mechanical Engineering

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M. Pinar Mengüç


Recent advances in nano technology have opened doors to several next generation devices and sensors. Characterizing nano particles and structures in a simple and effective way is imperative for monitoring and detecting processes at nano scale in a variety of environments. In recent years, the problem of studying nano particle interactions with surface plasmons or evanescent waves has gained significant interest. Here, a numerical model is presented to characterize nano-size particles and agglomerates near a metal or a dielectric interface. The methodology is based on a hybrid method, where the T-matrix approach is coupled with the image theory. The far field scattering patterns of single particles and agglomerates subjected to surface plasmons/evanescent waves are obtained. The approach utilizes the vector spherical harmonics for the incident and scattered fields relating them through a T-matrix. Effects of size, shape and orientation of the cluster on their scattering patterns are studied. An effort is made to distinguish particle characteristics from the scattering information obtained at certain observation angles. Understanding these scattering patterns is critical for the design of sensors using the surface plasmon scattering technique to monitor nano self assembly processes