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Mechanical Engineering

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Johné M. Parker


Product visual inspection is still performed manually or semi automatically in most industries from simple ceramic tile grading to complicated automotive body panel paint defect and surface quality inspection. Moreover, specular surfaces present additional challenges to conventional vision systems due to specular reflections, which may mask the true location of objects and lead to incorrect measurements. Some sophisticated optical inspection methods have already been developed for high precision surface defect inspection in recent years. Unfortunately, most of them are highly computational. Systems built on those methods are either inapplicable or costly to achieve real-time inspection. This thesis describes an integrated low-cost intelligent system developed to automatically capture and extract regular defects of the ceramic tiles with uniformly colored specular coatings. The proposed system is implemented on a group of smart cameras using its on-board processing ability to achieve real-time inspection. The results of this study will be used to facilitate the design of a robust, low-cost, closed-loop inspection system for a class of products with smooth specular coatings. The experimental results on real test panels demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of proposed system.