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Electrical Engineering

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Vijay P. Singh


The purpose of this thesis is to contribute to the understanding of SrS based ACTFEL devices. Better understanding of the processes in the host phosphor will give us the possibility to design more efficient blue emitting ACTFEL devices. Towards this aim, a physical model, that describes the optoelectronic processes taking place in the phosphor, was developed and analytical equations were written. The analytical model was numerically simulated and the plots of flux flowing through the device and luminance output by the device were obtained. Experiments were performed to obtain the plots of current flowing through the device and luminance output by the device. These plots were then qualitatively compared and the results of comparisons are presented. The numerical simulations qualitatively verify the accuracy of the model. The drive parameters were varied in order to study its effect on the VIL characteristics of the device. On varying the voltage applied to the device and its rise and fall times, a good insight was obtained into device behavior. Simulations were also performed to obtain responses to qualitatively match the experimentally obtained responses. Various What-If scenarios have been studied by varying the device parameters. These studies have indicated the importance of these parameters in determining device performance.