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Master of Science (MS)

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Arts and Sciences


Physics and Astronomy

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Tom Troland


The mystery of Canis Major overdensity is addressed. We discuss concurrent methods and their limitations on the determination of interstellar reddening. We establish a new way to determine line of sight interstellear reddening by observing stellar spectral lines and UBV colors. We observe and analyze spectra of 22 stars in different open clusters. We find that Hydrogen Balmer line at 4861 angstrom can predict the stellar atmospheric parameters and intrinsic colors with reasonable accuracy. Comparing with observed colors we derive the reddening of the stars. We compare our results with standard database WEBDA and find that within 90% probability limit the standard deviation of the error is 0.102798. This is improved by taking the absolute maximum probabilities and the scatter becomes 0.0688865.

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Physics Commons