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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Tom D. Dillehay

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Dr. Chris Pool


This works examines the Late Formative Period site of Jatanca (Je-1023) located on the desert north coast of the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru. Je-1023 is a complex site made up of numerous free-standing compounds that are organized around several predictably located, replicated interior complexes that were important in determining the overall shape and interior organization of the site. While this work relies on a number of data sets traditionally used by archaeologists as a means of examining prehistoric cultures such as ceramics, ethnobotanical analysis, and the surrounding relic landscape, architectural analysis is the primary means by which Je-1023 is examined.

This work elucidates a number of archaeological issues at a variety of scales of consideration. From the level of the compound up to the entire North Coast, sociopolitical organization, the interface between behavior and architectural design, interior access patterns and social ordering, labor organization, and the impact of social memory in architectural design are all considered by this work.

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