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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Issam E. Harik


An Analytical Strip Method (ASM) for the analysis of stiffened and non-stiffened antisymmetric laminated composite plates is derived by considering the bending-extension coupling effect for bending, free vibration and buckling. A system of three equations of equilibrium, governing the general response of arbitrarily laminated composite plates, is reduced to a single eighth order partial differential equation in terms of a displacement function. The displacement function is solved in a single series form to determine the displacement, fundamental frequency, and buckling load of antisymmetric cross-ply and angle-ply laminated composite plates. The solution is applicable to rectangular plates with two opposite edges simply supported, while the other edges are simply supported, clamped, free, beam supported, or any combinations of these boundary conditions.

This method overcomes the limitations of other analytical methods (Navier’s and Lévy’s), and provides an alternative to numerical, semi-numerical, and approximate methods of analysis. Numerical examples of bending, free vibration, and buckling of antisymmetric laminated composite plates are presented in tabular and graphical form. Whenever possible, the results of the present study are compared with those published in the literature and/or ANSYS solutions. The comparison firmly establishes that this method could be used for the analysis of antisymmetric laminated composite plates. Future research needs are identified for the aspects that have not been reached by the present study and others.



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