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Arts and Sciences


Spanish and Italian

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Edward Stanton


Although there have been critical warnings about the imminent disappearance of poetry from our society, an analysis of this literary genre on the Internet reveals many innovative practices. Verse on the World Wide Web thus requires new critical approaches, such as communication theory and cultural studies. This dissertation focuses on electronic publications or webzines devoted to poetry in Spanish, which have created virtual communities centered around this genre. Chapter One of this dissertation summarizes the history of poetry and its different means of dissemination: from the religious prophet in primitive societies to the electronic technologies of communication. Special emphasis is placed on the interaction between literature and the Internet, illustrated by relevant examples. It should also be noted that a web site on electronic poetry journals in Spanish has been created for the purposes of this dissertation ( Chapter Two is a classification of poetic webzines in Latin America and Spain, with a study of the differences between these electronic publications and printed journals. Three webzines have been chosen to demonstrate their function and their use of poetic traditions in the Spanish-speaking world. Chapter Three explores the possibility of specific poetic practices associated with poetic webzines, through a stylistic analysis of representative poems. The analysis highlights relevant artistic stances and the esthetics of poetry in Spanish on the Internet. The Conclusion affirms that poetry in Spanish (and probably in other languages too) has made a significant incursion on the Internet, but still not realized the full possibilities of the new medium. This genre will have to update its practices and reconfigure itself according to the demands of electronic dissemination (including sound), if it is to play a major role in the cultural life of the postmodern world.



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