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Qiang Ye


Symmetric generalized eigenvalue problems arise in many physical applications and frequently only a few of the eigenpairs are of interest. Typically, the problems are large and sparse, and therefore traditional methods such as the QZ algorithm may not be considered. Moreover, it may be impractical to apply shift-and-invert Lanczos, a favored method for problems of this type, due to difficulties in applying the inverse of the shifted matrix. With these difficulties in mind, Golub and Ye developed an inverse free Krylov subspace algorithm for the symmetric generalized eigenvalue problem. This method does not rely on shift-and-invert transformations for convergence acceleration, but rather a preconditioner is used. The algorithm suffers, however, in the presence of multiple or clustered eigenvalues. Also, it is only applicable to the location of extreme eigenvalues. In this work, we extend the method of Golub and Ye by developing a block generalization of their algorithm which enjoys considerably faster convergence than the usual method in the presence of multiplicities and clusters. Preconditioning techniques for the problems are discussed at length, and some insight is given into how these preconditioners accelerate the method. Finally we discuss a transformation which can be applied so that the algorithm extracts interior eigenvalues. A preconditioner based on a QR factorization with respect to the B-1 inner product is developed and applied in locating interior eigenvalues.



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