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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Arts and Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Richard Ehrenborg


In this dissertation we study the excedance permutation statistic. We start by extending the classical excedance statistic of the symmetric group to the affine symmetric group eSn and determine the generating function of its distribution. The proof involves enumerating lattice points in a skew version of the root polytope of type A. Next we study the excedance set statistic on the symmetric group by defining a related algebra which we call the excedance algebra. A combinatorial interpretation of expansions from this algebra is provided. The second half of this dissertation deals with the topology of the Frobenius complex, that is the order complex of a poset whose definition was motivated by the classical Frobenius problem. We determine the homotopy type of the Frobenius complex in certain cases using discrete Morse theory. We end with an enumeration of Q-factorial posets. Open questions and directions for future research are located at the end of each chapter.



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