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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Educational Policy Studies and Eval

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Dr. John R. Thelin


As society changes, so must higher education. Therefore, colleges and universities and the presidents leading them must adapt to survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. What must an institution do to stay abreast of the changes? Once the necessary changes are identified, what processes are used by a president of a college or university to go about deliberately creating change on campus? By understanding how to create planned change, leaders within higher education will be able to better ensure that their institutions remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment. For many colleges and universities, their ultimate survival may depend on their ability to change.

This study examines the transformation of one college. In doing so, it identifies and describes organizational change strategies utilized by its president to influence those changes. This qualitative, single-case study of Georgetown College was executed solely by the researcher. The process of data collection consisted of interviews, observation, and document analysis. The data was then analyzed to identify major emerging themes as well as strategies, processes, and practices that resulted in organizational change at Georgetown College.



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