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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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James B. Campbell


In the mid 1990s, Swedish composer Fredrik Andersson composed not everything which happens is in the newspaper (1993), the lonelyness of Santa Claus (1994), and imagine there was nothing (1996). All three pieces share a number of compositional and stylistic elements while emphasizing the capabilities of their respective instrumentations to create mysterious sonic worlds that are unique in the percussion idiom. By examining specific concerns of each piece in detail, an understanding of Andersson’s presentation of musical challenges will result. Acceptable solutions to such challenges will be examined and compared, based primarily on the author’s analysis and experience encompassing multiple performances of each of the three works, along with supplementary information provided by various other sources. The results of this document will be significant within the larger percussion community in that they will serve to increase the visibility of the composer and increase exposure of works for percussion that are not only musically distinctive within the repertoire, but also contain a variety of exciting pedagogical, technical, and interpretive challenges that will contribute to the growth of any percussionist willing to engage them. It is hoped that such engagement will “de-mystify” Andersson’s music and inspire increased performance of his works.

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