Cognitive impairment is known to increase with aging in people living with HIV (PLWH). Impairment in cognitive domains required for safe driving may put PLWH at risk for poor driving outcomes, decreased mobility, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL). This study described the driving behaviors of middle-aged and older PLWH and examined correlations between driving behaviors and cognitive functioning (Aim 1), and driving behaviors and HRQoL domains (Aim 2). A sample of 260 PLWH ages 40 and older completed a comprehensive assessment including a battery of cognitive tests, an HRQoL measure, and a measure of self-reported driving habits. Associations between driving habits, cognitive function, and HRQoL domains were examined. While 212 (81.54%) participants reported currently driving, only 166 (63.85%) possessed a driver's license. Several significant correlations emerged between driving habits and both cognitive and HRQoL variables, with a general pattern suggesting that current greater driving exposure was associated with better cognitive functioning and HRQoL. Given consistent associations that emerged between the social functioning HRQoL domain and several driving habits, multivariable regression was conducted to examine the unique association between an index of greater driving exposure (i.e., days driven per week) and social functioning, adjusting for potential confounders (race, income, education, depression, and global cognition). Results showed that more days driven per week was a significant, independent correlate of higher social functioning. Understanding the factors underlying driving behaviors in PLWH may contribute to interventions to promote better mobility and improved access to care.

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Published in Applied Neuropsychology: Adult.

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