Staff and provider engagement leads to better quality and experience of care and less turnover and burnout. In this program, we describe an approach to better understand underlying factors that lead to low staff and provider engagement and address such factors by creating actionable plans that drive improved engagement measures. Focus groups were conducted with staff, advance practice providers, and faculty to better understand low scored areas in an annual third-party engagement survey. Focus group results were analyzed, and thematic action plans were then developed by a leadership team. These plans and the status of addressing the identified issues were published and disseminated back to all staff and providers using a "stoplight report." The leadership team met every 2 to 4 weeks until all issues were addressed and communicated back to the department. The subsequent year's engagement scores statistically increased across all engagement score domains for both staff and faculty. We conclude that using a qualitative approach to understanding low-scored engagement domains will allow a deeper and authentic understanding of the root factors that drive low engagement scores. This approach allows teams to develop responsive action plans, resulting in higher engagement scores, which will eventually lead to better service and care to patients.

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Published in Journal of Patient Experience, v. 7, issue 4.

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