Submissions from 2017


Terminate Lung Cancer (TLC) Study—A Mixed-Methods Population Approach to Increase Lung Cancer Screening Awareness and Low-Dose Computed Tomography in Eastern Kentucky, Roberto Cardarelli, David Reese, Karen L. Roper, Kathryn Cardarelli, Frances J. Feltner, Jamie L. Studts, Jennifer R. Knight, Debra Armstrong, Anthony D. Weaver, and Dana Shaffer

Submissions from 2015


Systematic Review of Ambulatory Transitional Care Management (TCM) Visits on Hospital 30-Day Readmission Rates, Karen L. Roper, Jonathan Ballard, Wade Rankin, and Roberto Cardarelli

Submissions from 2014


"It's Just a Way of Fitting In:" Tobacco Use and the Lived Experience of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Appalachians, Keisa Bennett, JaNelle M. Ricks, and Britteny M. Howell

Submissions from 2013


Soluble Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (sHER2) as a Potential Risk Assessment, Screening, and Diagnostic Biomarker of Lung Adenocarcinoma, Abby L. Cosentino-Boehm, Jacqueline M. Lafky, Tammy M. Greenwood, Kimberly D. Kimbler, Marites C. Buenafe, Yuxia Wang, Adam J. Branscum, Ping Yang, Nita J. Maihle, and Andre T. Baron

Submissions from 2006


Ultrasound Assessment of Spleen Size in Collegiate Athletes, Robert G. Hosey, Carl G. Mattacola, V. Kriss, T. Armsey, J. D. Quarles, and J. Jagger