At approximately 8:30 am on April 16, 2003, a 48-year-old male (decedent) highway construction laborer working in an interstate highway median, died when he was struck by an out-of-control double trailer (a semi-truck pulling two trailers). The laborer was speaking with the job foreman and another laborer in the median next to a grading machine. As the decedent looked toward the traffic, he saw a double trailer traveling on the right-hand shoulder swerve into the left-hand lane and drive into the median where all three men were standing. He told the other two to get out of the way as he himself tried to do. The double trailer hit the victim, who died at the scene from multiple blunt force injuries.

To prevent similar incidents in the future from occurring, the following recommendations have been made:

  1. Positive barriers should be used in all interstate work areas during all phases of the job contract work periods to protect workers from vehicles in traffic lanes.
  2. Speed limits in highway work zones should be reduced and enforced according to the type of work performed and temporary roadway surfaces being utilized.
  3. Semi trailers should be equipped with an anti-lock breaking system (ABS) and tractor trailer drivers should be given defensive driving courses with ABS system operation.

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