A 42-year-old farm worker was killed when the tractor he was operating rolled over on him. The tractor was not equipped with Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) or a seat belt. The victim had been bush hogging alone in a field the morning of the incident. Having completed a lower pasture, he proceeded up a single lane loose gravel road carved in the side of the hill. The left side going up the hill was covered with trees and brush. The right side fell quickly off to form a steep embankment. As the victim maneuvered the tractor up the hill, the right rear wheel began sliding off the road. Braking did not stop the tractor. It rolled over onto the victim, crushed him and continued to roll three more times. The victim was discovered about six hours after the incident. The FACE investigator recommends in order to prevent future fatalities owners and operators should:

  • Equip tractors with rollover protective structures and seat belts.
  • Keep equipment in good working order.
  • Plan ahead, anticipate problems, thoroughly evaluate the scene and address hazards.

Additionally, county officials should activate a 911 emergency call system.

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94KY090; 94KY09001