A 32-year-old male was killed when he was caught in a rotating power take-off (PTO) shaft. He had been involved in farming for many years and often helped his friends who owned a dairy farm. The farm worker was helping one of the owners of the farm load corn from the silage wagon into the feeding trough. Both the farm worker and the owner were experienced in operating the equipment on the farm and had worked together on this type of task before. However, the owner had always operated the equipment controls. The PTO connecting the tractor to the silage wagon was not covered by a safety guard. Recent heavy rains had made the area slick and muddy. The owner was nearby when he heard the victim yell; he found him wrapped around the rotating PTO. The farmworker suffered severe damage to the spinal cord, skull, and left leg, killing him immediately. In order to prevent similar incidents from occurring, FACE investigators recommend:

  • PTO shafts should be covered by a protective guard
  • Workers should avoid wearing loose or frayed clothing which can get caught in machinery
  • Workers should be provided with training to safely operate equipment

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95KY122; 95KY12201